De-Addiction Powder

PRICE: 4128/- INR

  • K-21 De-Addiction Powder is a mixture of 20 precious Ayurvedic Herbs. It contains KUDZU (Vidarikand) which is used worldwide for alcoholism and widely researched for its benefit. It has been established as remedy to cure addiction from Alcohol, Cigarette, Tobacco and other addicting substance with guaranteed results and no side effect. It helps in curing addiction to any health conditions of the person. This powder can be taken over periods of time, providing only health benefits.
  • Ingredients - Each 100 gm. Contains:
  • TEJPATRA 2 gm.
    PUNARNVA 5 gm.
    HARAR 5 gm.
    BEHERA 5 gm.
    AWLA 5 gm.
    BRAHMI 5 gm.
    BACH 3 gm.
    ASWAGANDHA 4 gm.
    GOKHARU 3 gm.
    TULSI 5 gm.
    SOYA 3 gm.
    NISHODH 5 gm.
    VEEDARI 20 gm.
    GILOYA 4 gm.
    ARJUN 3 gm.
    NAGARMOTHA 5 gm.
    SOUNTH 5 gm.
    BHRINGRAJ 5 gm.
    KASANI 3 gm.
    BHUL AWLA 5 gm.

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